About Us

For over three generations, our family has taken pride in producing coffee that has been carefully cultivated from start to finish.

Café Las Flores Latte Art

Café Las Flores is Nicaragua’s finest coffee company.  For over three generations, our family has taken pride in producing coffee that has been carefully cultivated from start to finish. Every step of our high quality process assures the perfect development of our specialty beans into a cup of coffee with unique and recognizable taste.

Hacienda El Progreso, our exemplary coffee farm, has become one of the country’s premiere landmark eco-tourism destinations. We offer the complete coffee experience, including zip lines, coffee plantation and adventure tours on the slopes of the majestic Mombacho Volcano.

Our Rainforest Alliance Certification guarantees our dedication to sustainable farming practices and long lasting change in our community. Our responsibility program actively impacts education and waste management practices in our surrounding communities.

We invite you to learn more about our artisanal coffee and partner with us as our brand grows in Nicaragua and throughout the world.

Our History

Café Las Flores is owned and operated by the Palazio family, whose ancestors began cultivating coffee on the Mombacho Volcano in the late 19th century. Today, the family continues its commitment to producing Nicaragua’s finest coffee, and maintaining a tradition of pride in our community.

“Our product is a legacy of our family’s hard work and dedication to excellence, and we will pass on these values to our children,” says Lucia Palazio Heros, who co-owns the company with her brothers Alejandro and Gian Marco Palazio.

Leading a dynamic management team in the areas of coffee production, eco-tourism, distribution & retail sales of Café Las Flores, the siblings have developed a recognizable brand that represents the very best that Nicaragua has to offer.  The family farms have been preserved as landmarks of the country’s coffee history, and the land, and its natural eco-systems have been protected by ongoing conservation efforts and sustainable farming practices.

Rainforest Alliance Certification

Hacienda El Progreso, Home of Café Las Flores is the first Nicaraguan farm to obtain 98.21 points out of 100 % in our first Rainforest Alliance certification evaluation! We reaffirm our commitment of being a true sustainable farm!

Rainforest Alliance Certified means:

  1. Less water pollution & soil erosion
  2. Reduced threats to the environment and human health, including farm workers
  3. Protection of wildlife habitat
  4. Less water & waste
  5. More efficient farm management
  6. Improved profitability & competitiveness for farmers, collaborating with conservationists

Corporate Social Responsibility & Initiatives

The main goal of this project  is to reduce solid waste pollution and the negative impact on the environment in strategic places for sustainable tourism in Nicaragua.

Café Las Flores has distributed hundreds of BACHO books to students in schools located on or near the Mombacho Volcano – delivering smiles, learning and joy to our littlest neighbors!


On October 21, 2014 Café Las Flores signed the Global Compact initiative . We are a company with a high Corporate Social Responsibility content build in its business strategy. 

unirse anexo

Café Las Flores is a member of UNIRSE, we recognize corporate social responsibility as a cornerstone of our operations, and we are committed to our internal public, community and environment.

We have helped children in the school community of Miravalle by donating sanitary systems for both boys and girls.