Introducing our New Premium Microlot from Buenos Aires Estate!


Cafe Las Flores Premium Microlots are the rarest single origin coffees from Nicaragua’s annual harvest. Meticulously selected for their one-of-kind flavor profiles and available in limited quantities, these standout coffees are hand-crafted by our master roasters for coffee connoisseurs and enthusiasts who share our passion for great coffee. You can order it here.


Nicaragua “Buenos Aires” Estate

Buenos Aires Estate has been producing gourmet coffee for more than 55 years, it has since become a reference for high quality coffees from Nicaragua, around the world. These coffee plantations of 215 acres have been producing different varieties of coffees through the years, such as Caturra, Maracaturra, Villa Sarchi, Java, Yellow Catuai and Maragogype.
Buenos Aires estate is located in the Dipilto mountains in Nueva Segovia on the northern part of Nicaragua near the Honduras border, a perfect location to harvest coffee at an altitude of 1,500 M.A.S.L. that allows the ultimate conditions for growth.

“Buenos Aires” Estate Microlot Characteristics

AWARDS: La Taza de la Excelencia 2015 – 1st Place
Café Finos de Nicaragua 2016 – 1st Place

ORIGIN: Buenos Aires Estate – Dipilto, Nueva Segovia

CERTIFICATIONS: Rainforest Alliance / CAFE Practices

ALTITUDE: 1200 -1500 Mts

VARIETY: Arabica Variety (Caturra)


CUP PROFILE: Fragrance and aroma of jasmine, citrus and bright acidity, clean and sweet cup, creamy body and aftertaste.


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