Announcing the grand opening of our Café Las Flores Casa Hacienda Tour

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This week we are proud to announce The grand opening of our Café Las Flores Casa Hacienda Tour. We are opening the doors of our historic farmhouse after months of renovation and hard work to bring together a tour like no other in Nicaragua. Step back in time and learn about our family’s history and our country’s traditions of coffee farming in this spectacular setting.

Hacienda El Progreso, has been owned by the Palazio family for over 3 generations and is considered one of the most iconic coffee plantations in Nicaragua. The original colonial design of our Casa Hacienda has been preserved for more than 90 years. Through the years it has been restored, while still maintaining its unique architectural style.


3During the tour, we take you through the house and invite you to relive moments from that era. Learn about the symbolic ringing of the bell, a special tradition on our estate since long before 1926. See how the home functioned as both a special destination for the family but also a place of business and how the family business of coffee has developed over the years.

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The tour is a dream come true for the family, who wished to tell their story, since their ancestor’s arrival from Italy, to how they have developed Nicaragua’s finest coffee company. Inside the house, you will see a vast collection of original antiques, family mementos, historic photographs, and architectural elements that will help you glimpse into the past and help frame the importance of coffee as Nicaragua’s star agricultural product.


Today the property is in the hands of the third generation, who have had the vision to continue the family legacy and become a Nicaraguan company that focuses on the sustainable production of coffee while maintaining a tradition of pride in their community.


The siblings have developed a recognizable brand that represents the very best that Nicaragua has to offer. Café Las Flores is an important source of employment for locals in the areas of coffee production, eco tourism, distribution and retail sales.



Step inside! We welcome you to Hacienda El Progreso, home of Café Las Flores!

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