How to make the perfect cup of coffee using a chemex


The man behind Chemex was Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, a scientist with a larger-than-life personality and a strong perfectionist streak. During his lifetime, Schlumbohm patented more than 300 different devices.


Since the early 2000s the Chemex has had a resurgence in popularity. You can find the Chemex in many coffee shops. While some use it for decoration, an increasing number are using as part of their slow brew bar.

1. Flex and set on Chemex filter


Fold the paper filter in a conical shape and place it in the Chemex coffeemaker, ensuring the triple-fold portion is facing the pour spout and lays across without obstructing it. Pour hot water to rinse the filter and preheat the Chemex. After 1 minute remove this water.


2. Add coffee serving

Use a gram scale to weigh the coffee and water, and thus be more accurate in mixing. Add 9 grams of coffee per cup of 7 oz. The Portion must distribute into the coffee filter, that is homogeneously distributed but not caked.


3. Add hot water

Once the water has boiled, remove from heat and boil is expected to stop.


Add a small amount of hot water and let stand 30 to 45 seconds


Begin to pour the water over the coffee in a slow spiral way from the center to the periphery. The water flow must be even and permanent. The ratio should be 198.6 grams of water per cup. Use digital gram scale for the correct amount.

4. Wait extraction

Wait for extraction of coffee, between 5 and 6 minutes. Until all the liquid is filtered and the drops fall sporadically.


5. Remove the filter with coffee residue

Once the desired amount of coffee is filtered, removed the filter with coffee residue Chemex and discard it, then gently shake the coffee and serve


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