Light, Medium Or Dark? Choose Your Perfect Roast Type

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This week we want to share with you the differences between our roast types, so you can easily choose the one that best suits you:

Light Roast Coffee:

A Light Roast coffee brings out characteristics of the origin of particular coffees. Not all light roast coffees are great, some have undesirable tastes like peanut and vegetable. Often coffees that are light roasted are not balanced (meaning equal amounts of body, acidity and fruitiness). Our light roasted coffees are light brown color, have no oil on the surface and are slightly more acidic than our medium roast coffees.


Visit our selection of Light Roasted Coffees available in ground and whole bean here:


Grandes Cosechas en baja rainforest

Medium Roast

A Medium Roast will have a medium brown color and some of the coffee’s oils may be visible on the beans, as well. At this roast level, the coffee’s qualities begin to give way to the roast’s flavors and aromas, creating a balance between acidity and body. You’ll still be able to taste the original coffee, but the beans’ brightness will be complemented with the fuller body that is introduced by the roasting process.

Taste the difference between our GRANDES COSECHAS (well balanced flavor, fragrant and sweet notes with hints of chocolate) and our HACIENDA EL PROGRESO RAIN FOREST ALLIANCE CERTIFIED (smooth with sweet citrus essence and chocolate undertones).

Visit our selection of medium roasted coffees here:

matagalpa-310x452rainforestGrandes Cosechas en bajaSanta Annadipilto-310x452El crater



Dark Roasts

Dark Roasts are dark brown and oils can be seen on the beans at this point. They have a bitter aftertaste and their flavor, aroma and body come out while its acidity decreases.2

What roast level is best for an espresso?

Trick question, right? Although we recommend using our medium roasts to get a perfectly balanced espresso we invite you to try our espresso roasts since the pressure of espresso extraction tends to work great with darker roasts because the sugar in the beans has been fully caramelized, boosting flavor.

We’ve listed coffees that are well-suited for espresso here:

rainforest Grandes Cosechas en baja

Just note that specialty coffee roasters use many different terms for roast levels that fall under these 3 main categories. From lightest to darkest you can often find Cinnamon, American, City, Full City, Vienna, Italian and French Roasts.

This is the case of our FLOR DE CAÑA RUM INFUSED PREMIUM BLEND which is a Full City Roast with hints of oak, vanilla and toasted walnuts with a touch that lingers on the palate our FLOR DE CAÑA RUM INFUSED REGULAR BLEND on the other hand is an American Roast.


Order these here:

 Coffee_Rum-Infused-Flore-De-Caña-Coffee_Regular-310x452 Coffee_Rum-Infused-Flore-De-Caña-Coffee-310x452


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