Our Single Estate Coffees – Mombash Coffee Drink Recipe Inside


Know more about the origin of our new Single Estate Coffees, these gourmet coffee beans have been carefully sourced by our experts from specific exemplary farms within the best coffee regions in Nicaragua and roasted to perfection to highlight their unique characteristics and flavors profiles.




Santa Ana Estate is located in El Arenal, Matagalpa one of the most productive coffee areas in Nicaragua, at an altitude of 1225 meters above sea level and a coffee plantation of 87 ha. Its annual production is of 2570, 60 kg bags and the coffees varieties harvested are Catuai and Caturra.

3Santa Ana Estate has 4 certifications: C.A.F.E Practices, AAA Nespresso, Rainforest Alliance and UTZ and is part of the top 10 estates in Nicaragua, showcased at the annual SCAA Expo in Atlanta, Georgia.

Santa Ana Estate takes care of the environment through conservation efforts of water sources, animals and trees, it provides employment to 50 permanent employees, and in a crop season it provides jobs to 400-500 people, they are committed to the development of their community and make contributions to the local church, school and health center.




El Crater Estate is located in the Mombacho Volcano, at an average altitude of 910 meters above the sea level, with approximately 21 ha of coffee, the coffees varieties harvested are: Caturra, Catuai and Bourbon.



The breeze from Lake Nicaragua or Cocibolca that runs from east to west combined with the cloudy climate caressed by the sun of the Mombacho Volcano, provide size and taste to the coffee beans and the volcanic lands, a unique acidity.


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Santa Ana Estate is committed to the environment and biodiversity, there are 52,000 planted trees of native species in its total area of 134 ha, such as mahogany, cedar, guanacaste and pochote, to name a few. In the area theses trees were planted, animals such as deer, howler monkey, white faced monkeys, coatis, raccoons, magpies, toucans have returned to their natural habitat over the past 10 years


El Crater Estate is source of sustenance for neighboring communities and many farms that are located in the slopes of the Mombacho volcano since they provide them with water, therefore, they are firmly committed to keeping water sources intact, both thermal and fresh.

Make our Mombash Coffee to Drink at home!



• 1 Single Estate Organic Coffee – El Crater Espresso shot
• 6 oz of Milk
• 1 oz of Vanilla Extract
• 1 oz of Coffee Liqueur
• 6 oz of ice
• Sweeten to taste







• Put ice in glasses
• Grind Single Estate Organic Coffee – El Crater Coffee beans
• Pack the espresso head with the ground beans and insert it into the machine
• Extract espresso shots on Espresso Machine
• Pour espresso shots over ice
• Add milk, vanilla extract, coffee liqueur and stir
• Add sugar to taste

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