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Our Summer School Initiative is made possible through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program “Bacho”, an educational, bilingual tale and coloring book that tells the adventures of a child named Bacho at Hacienda El Progreso, home of Café Las Flores on topics related to family, work, the importance of living in harmony with the environment and the right to education.


At Café Las Flores we guarantee that we do not hire child labor, and respect the provisions of the national labor code and conventions ratified by the ILO (138 and 146). Our philosophy is based on our mission and vision, corporate values, code of ethics, internal policies, national legislation, public policies of the locality where we operate.
Our Summer School Initiative aims to contribute to the eradication of 3child labor, providing an option for the children of Hacienda El Progreso employees and Mombacho Volcano community on summer vacation, thus preventing them from joining the coffee picking process.

The target population are children of 12 to 15 years old members of the Miravalle, Guanacaste and Granada communities. In 2015 we were able to implement this initiative where a level of English and study material was provided to a group of 50 children for a period of two months from December to early February. Out of the 50 children, 45 completed successfully the first level.

This would not have been possible without the help of: Miss Tania Gonzalez Cruz, our English Teacher who has lovingly dedicated time and support for these children, the school of Miravalle for lending us their classrooms and our wonderful costumers who made this initiative a reality with the purchases of our BACHO books.
Our goal for 2016 is to provide a second level of English for 2015’s group and a new first level for a total of 100 kids!


How can you help?
Our Bacho books will soon be available for purchase online

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One thought on “Summer School Initiative

  1. Congratulations for taking the the positive, life-changing action of beginning your Summer School Initiative. The benefits of your Initiative will endure a lifetime for those who attend and take full advantage of this wonderful learning experience. Like other great programs that serve the well-being of its citizens, your Summer School Initiative is a long-term investment and the evidence of its success will be well into the future. I encourage you to continue it and thanks to the teachers, the school and your other partners for making this possible.
    Susan and I visited Nicaragua for the first time in January and look forward to visiting again. Perhaps we could visit the school and witness your program. I was surprised by so much during our visit such as the art and cultural venues of Leon and were impressed with the small boutique hotels in each city we visited. We enjoyed your Flor de Cana also!
    Thanks for your time and giving me an opportunity to share my thoughts about your Summer School Initiative. Have a great day!

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