Coffee Flowering


Coffee Flowering

This week we are going to talk about coffee flowering.

There are dozens of different types of coffee plants and several, that produce coffee beans suitable for consumption. Two of the most popular coffee plant types are the Arabica and Robusta.

Arabica are more delicate and harder to grow but yield a much higher quality bean than the easier-to-grow Robusta. Here at Café las Flores, we only grow and source the highest quality Arabica coffee beans as they yield the best flavor.

coffee flower nicaragua

Flowering is the biological process in which plants reproduce using seeds and fruits, the main reproducing organ is the flower. It occurs more or less after two to four years after planting. The flowers are white, small and highly fragrant.

Arabica Coffee flowering is particularly seasonal, usually occurs during rainy seasons. But flowering period can vary less especially where the climate conditions are relatively stable all year long.

The quantity of coffee flowers and their size depend on the amount of water they receive in a determinate place.


In the Mombacho Volcano Cloud Forest some flowerings occur in February and March, these are known as “Crazy Flowerings” or pre-Flowerings. Also there are some flowerings in April and May due to spring influences, even though we don’t have a season defined as Spring here in Nicaragua, instead we have Wet season and Dry Season.


Coffee flowering is a spectacle worth watching and a date to mind when planning your trip to visit Hacienda el Progreso.


A few days after the flowering, the flowers will fall, leaving only dark leaves, and soon after small green cherries come out. With time the green cherries mature into bright red cherries, ready for harvest. Then they are ready to get cleaned, dried and roasted, so you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee from Café Las Flores.


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